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Cheryl Matrasko
James Loeser
Matthew O'Connor


Cheryl Matrasko
James Loeser
Matthew O'Connor


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9/5/2003        (With Editor Comments below)

I can agree with part of what you are saying;
however, I have a few points that I can add that might
help with what you are saying a bit. I have read
several books, and seen many videos, (I know, cliche`)
and I have had some instruction from a 4th Dan who was
trained properly in Aikido. I am able to see some of
the movements and the extensions and the various
turns, footwork and etc. I would like to see a few
things explained better than they are, even if they
are just basic things, such as something that someone
could use with very little chance of getting hurt
(whether they are Uke or Nage) unlike movements such
as irimi-nage or a more advance projection like the
"heaven-and-earth throw".

I do see many pages and books and videos that give
basics, none that explain the true basics such as what
grip to use on the attacker's wrist, or ENGLISH
easy-to-read explanations of basics like proper

Yes, before we begin criticizing or critiquing, I am
only looking to get a better "feel" for the art before
I decide to try a few lessons. And like many there
are no Aikido Dojo's near me. So, for the moment you
may call me a tinkerer if you like, I would prefer
though, you call me a wannabe.

"Aikido must be learned properly with the aid of a
qualified instructor. I can't tell you how many people
are currently instructing Aikido incorrectly because
they themselves have had no interactive guidance from
a real instructor, except to read some books, view
videos and websites. They have not invested any length
of time (ten years or more) in surrendering themselves
under the Aikido training. And this defines the true
Aikidoka versus the novice or mere tinkerer. They
struggle using muscle and strength, improperly trying
to mimic techniques. Without learning extension ("ki")
and centering (keeping one-point), and the joining
("ai") of the movements -- everything is just being
uselessly imitated or "aped". A monkey can do that."

Patrick Hoscheid

Comment on the above:

I realize there for some of the readership, decent Aikido dojos are not close or plentiful enough to give you a choice. However, I feel that if someone wants to learn, the best possible way to learn and learn well is to take instruction from an actual Aikido instructor with credentials and well over 10 years of training an experience. Shodan, nidan, and sandan with less than 10 years of training is not enough. Also, as I have mentioned that Aikido is not something that you can learn from videos, books, and tapes. This is more than intellect - the learning comes from the mind and body through moving and feeling force through the interaction with others. Without proper guidance, it would be wasting time and be merely imitated movement (ape-like) without proper ki nurturing.

C. Matrasko 4/3/2004


Many years ago I had the honor to practice a little Aikido here in Mexico. Modern life and other activities made it hard for me to continuing my practice, but I still appreciate the Aikido way.

I'd like to thannk you for your web page, because it helped me to remain some things I was forgetting.

I´ll be an asiduos visitor of your web page.

Sicerely yours,
Luis Trevino
Mexico City


Hello everyone at Aikido-World,

First of all I wish to add my sincere appreciation and congratulations to the Aikido-world team (and other contributors) for the quantity and more
importantly the quality of the articles. technical guides/tips and photographs that make up your site.

I regularly recommend to my students that they visit your site and absorb what they can in order to deepen and further their understanding of Aikido and it's principles.

Excellent... please keep up the standard!!

Just a couple of points I would like to 'voice'.... In response to the question of the existence of ki,- A long time before I began my training and study of Aikido I felt or was aware, of some thing, some essence (I
apologise now for sounding either esoteric/ crazy/ quasi religious .... I hopefully am none of those (but no doubt we all have our moments:-)), and
dependent on the circumstances, at times that sense of something seemed to be more in 'evidence' or 'manifest' especially on an instinctual / physiological basis. True it is my humble choice to state that I for one do know/believe of the very existence of such an energy (whether in it's dynamic or passive phase) and in truth to even give it such a 'label' as I have... be it force/energy/essence/ and since practicing Aikido.... ki is simply a way of convenience in communication. I do not press my own thoughts or beliefs on my students, if they ask whether I believe such an
energy as ki exists then I do freely admit to that, give one or to anectdotes and demonstrate insomuch as I am able to, the 'use' of ki within Aikido technique (sometimes experience is the only way to gain some
understanding).... and I am also aware that after only several years in my practice of Aikido it is a very long journey with no end, well I do like travel!!!

As with many topics, and human nature being as it is in all it's myriad ways, people will always find something to contest or challenge (even when
many of them practice a way or art that encourages and fosters the principle of harmony) Everyone has a right to their own opinon, and sometimes it is a
compromise of agreeing to disagree.

The one thing that I do attempt to gently 'eradicate' is egos. Not personalities, but abrasive and disruptive egos, not always an easy situation - and of course I have to be aware that my own personality does not
become egotistical.

Sadly, I have witnessed at so many times - dan grades (of varying degrees in Aikido (and other ways and arts) that have a disagreement with one another
and due to the egos and temperaments involved it has led to negativity and attempts at 'one-up-man-ship' and not wanting to be seen to 'back down'
creating animosity and even a 'split' in/from the dojo and in relationships generally. It is also difficult when those at loggerheads then try to sway others to take sides in something all to often counter productive.

Oh well.... no one said it would be easy.... but as it is often said - nothing worthwhile is...

Aikido.. so quietly amazing... especially when true harmony and exciting dynamism of the purer technique is experienced, even witnessed.

Thanks again to all concerned,
George McMaster
Zenshin Kokoro Aikido,
Art of Fitness Dojo,
Hull, Yorkshire,
United Kingdom


You guys have a great site. This is one of the most informative sites in martial arts I have come across.

The place I come from does not have many
instructors and learning is quite expensive while other sites are paysites which are again expensive for us. 

Your site has best technical tips and is  quite good for self learning the basics.

Thanks a ton for such a great site.

Veeral Patel


Dear Aikido World,

I would just like to thank you for making such a great Aikido-page.

As a beginner in Aikido, I am really profiting from your subsections on technical tips (great with moving pictures) and your Japanese language and Aikido terminology pages.

Keep up the good work !
Best regards,



I'm practicing karate and Pencak silat from Indonesia. I Like this sport including aikido. I think AIKIDO can build our live to be balance. I really want to have a lot of friend from another country and love hard sport like AIKIDO.

Hari Teguh Wicaksono

Keep aikido alive. 
Kind regards John Mae

This site is extremely impressive. I must congratulate your team for that.

S. Joshi, India


You guys have a great site. This is one of the most informative site in martial arts I have come across.

The place I come from does not have many instructors and learning is quite expensive while other sites are paysites
which are again expensive for us, your site has best technical tips and is quite good for self learning the basics.
Thanks a ton for such a great site.

Veeral Patel





I just wish to add to the list of people who adopt Aikido as a lifestyle, it rocks. Because the philosophy is not one of aggression but of adapting to the attack, it would qualify as a cornerstone to the pursuit of world peace.



Your site has been of great help to me. I am coming off a two year hiatus and am lucky enough to have found a good dojo - and your technical tips page. It has been a great help to me in remembering/learning. The various angles supplied are wonderful for capturing detail.
Thank you so much
Tina Hession-Rowley

In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


The question of weather ki can be felt or not is a question that I cannot personally answer for any one but myself. Aikido is a very personal endeavor. But to answer the question, I think that Ki can be felt. For me my body starts to get warm and tingly, especially in my hands. You can
actually feel the heat coming off of them. It kind of feels like when you sit on your leg or foot and it gets pins and needles to me that's what flowing ki feels like. Ah, but what do I know. Also after extensive breathing exercises I start to see the colors around me change hues slightly, starting with white and getting darker. Sounds crazy right?

Chuck Murphy

In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


I am sure you can personally feel it . . . the energy that is coursing through our bodies . . . . but naming it this or that is doomed to be subjective?
Maybe the conviction of what this energy is, comes with the degree of intensity of experience?


In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


Ki-"It is the vital essence of the universe,The creative energy of GOD." From the Book, "Aikido" and the Harmony of Nature" writer Mitsugi Saotome Page 149, 1986, 1993


In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


Proven? Oh come on now...everybody knows things can be disproven but nothing can be proven
(speaking logic here).

Karen Marie

In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


There has been several "scientists" who have tried to prove the theory of ki. Recently there was a paper published by a French radiologist, who injected a radioactive isotope into
accupoints (points used for acupuncture and acupressure) on the body, when tracked, these isotopes moved along the body's meridians (ki energy pathways) as outlined from Chinese text over 2000 years old. The paper can be found on


 In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


A very good question, with a very obvious answer. Yes it exsists and yes it can be felt. If you study Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, you learn how to recognize this energy and how it feels when projected properly. Can other styles of Aikido feel this life energy known as "KI", yes, but Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido has exercises specifically developed to help develop this energy and to feel it. Tohei Sensei has, in my opinion, has taken Aikido to a higher level with these
exercises. I watch other styles of Aikido and often wonder, if uke really resisted, would there more physical applications really work against an opponent twice there stature and weight? Moving uke's KI, seems more effective to me.


In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


As a Westerner with limited experience in Aikido, I really have no idea if Ki exists as an actual force or field. I am trained in physical science and engineering; I have a hard time accepting something that seems more like Luke Skywalker's Force than my view of reality.

My personal take on it is this - that it's a physiological effect of a psychological phenomenon; a placebo, if you will. In other words, whether or not Ki exists, ki's effects are tangible and demonstrable; so long as the user knows they're going to work. So, whether or not I believe Ki exists, when I'm on the mat, I 'choose' to believe in its existance, and it works. I dunno, that answer works well for me; and I must say I'm absolutely FASCINATED by Ki - I want
to learn more.

I look forward to reading responses from more experienced practicioners.

David R. Organ

In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


Whether Ki exists as a physical Phenomenom yet scientifically unproven I can't say. It is certainly possible. There are definitely many unexplainable physical feats being performed by martial artists. However, as a Christian who believes Jesus is the Way the truth and the Life and that Buddism is a false religion I do not ascribe anything spiritual to Ki and am very cautious of it since the Bible is silent on the issue (although it does talk of lying wonders
and miracles from Satan that we need to be on guard of)
Interestingly, if Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and the Bible does say that God is Love. Then Christianity and Aikido in it's true essence can be compatible without becoming Buddist.


In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


That kind of energy already exists in everybody but because of our social environment and daily stress people usually don't have such kind energy which is actually an excuse they always say. Because this kind of energy is mental than physical and it is not mystical at all. The people who have this kind of energy are the ones successful in any kind of business life too because there is no such thing as low energy for them where as in today's world I see a lot of people with low energy. Ki is not
mystical but people exaggerate it and I believe it shouldn't be confused with the extension of the arms. unbendable arm)

Volkan Kutlubay


I think it is a very good website for Aikido especially the technical tips


In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki:


Hello, and yes! Ki/ chi/ prana/ lifeforce exists! this ancient understanding is being met by modern science as you read.

What we see and understand as the 'real' world is low vibration of this energy, higher vibrations can be experienced through many methods - yoga, reiki, and aikido are just a few. My recent introduction to aikido suggests that it's a wonderful demonstration of Ki in action, though it's running thru you, me and everything all the time.

Stephen Hawking, professor of physics at Cambridge University, England has realized thru a life of pure science that there must be one energy underlying everything in our universe, as most ancient traditions have understood for a very long time.

'Kirlean photography' is a technique which shows the energy field of living things, also purely scientific without need for a leap of faith to grasp.

We are all one, a living, connected energy field - learn to feel it, love it and use it, it's wonderful, useful, fun, and something of  who you really are!
Peace & good luck,

Jim Om

In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki


Ki is something which can be identified as an unproven matter, though there are people who can feel it or experience it. I myself do believe that it is something real and it can be reached through continual training and belief.


In response to a Viewpoint question asking about Ki


I think that Ki is real and that evidence of this can be seen in every living thing.

Ki is spontaneous, right action without the need for thought or judgement. It is fluid movement and inner energy.

Those with a lot of Ki don't procrastinate, sitting and thinking about what should be done, because they've done it and moved on.
Ki is life-energy. Ki is what turns your thoughts into actions.

Have you ever thought about that?

You know, sitting around, planning to do something, just thinking... but them something clicks in and you're moving, you're doing what you thought to do.


You've gotta love it!



All I can say is that this is a wonderful site, I have been interested in Aikido for a long time and am doing some personal research before I join any school.
Your site is the best I have seen!

Thavysak N. Chareunsri


I am from Brazil. I love this aikisite, it is the best I ever see. Congratulations. I hope for the parts still under construction.



Thank you for a wonderful Aikido website. After my training, I am repeating my lessons from your site. I believe that although to be a new student, I will learn Aikido spirit and all techniques soon.
Yours Faithfully.

Ibrahim Balcý



Your site has been of great help to me. I am coming off a two year hiatus and am lucky enough to have found a good
dojo - and your technical tips page. It has been a great help to me in remembering/learning. The various angles
supplied are wonderful for capturing detail.

Tina Hession-Rowley


I was so impressed by the contents of your website . . . .




Your site has been of great help to me. I am coming off a two year hiatus and am lucky enough to have found a
good dojo - and your technical tips page. It has been a great help to me in remembering/learning. The various
angles supplied are wonderful for capturing detail.

Thank you so much,
Tina Hession-Rowley


I have studied the techniques within your Aikido World Journal Website for months. Having spanned the Internet during that time, I have seen no other sites that are your equal. The Illustrated Techniques are well shown and explained, and they have enhanced my understanding of the Aikido techniques that I am currently learning
through my Martial Arts academy.

I just wanted to congratulate you and your staff on a wonderful website, and to let you know that I appreciate the help that it has given me. I look forward to seeing the "under construction" illustrated techniques links completed, so that I can learn more from your experience and masterful style. Thank you again.

Michael D. Morelli


This web site is just amazing, so far it had answers to a lot of my queries, the images are just superb, clear and very helpful, and the time it takes the page to load is not bad at all.

Heba Al-Ali


It is the first time that I send an e-mail to you. I am initial in aikido which started in November of the last year.
I am also impassioned of Internet, and it is while surfing that I found your site which I find devoted one of best
to the aikido. In particular, your images on the techniques are very teaching and allow me to improve my practice at the dojo. Thank you for what your team carries out. You deserve to be congratulated. If there were an Oscar of the sites aikido I would vote for you.

Daniel Raremby 


Congrats on an excellent site. I especially like the animated gifs, brings the techniques to life.

Andy Hopkins
Cwmaman Aikido

Hi, I've been practicing aikido. But since I work on a ship, I had less time to practice the art. However, finding your website is like a blessing- why, I find it extremely informative and keeping me updated on the happenings on this art.

I'm planning to let my three daughters practice the art since it doesn't distinguish on gender and age.

More power to you- you're a great help to people with the same nature of work as I do.
Again, wishing you all the best!

Just wanted to compliment you on the straight forward, and dare I say "clean" appearance of your website. 
I found it while looking up the Aikido school in my home town, and enjoy your page a great deal. I have added it to the 'favorites' section of my tool bar. I thank you for your attention.

Wayne Perron
What a fantastic site! I'm so glad I found it. THANK YOU! Chas Billera
Congratulations by his site, which I consider is one of the best ones for the Martial Arts. It has all the necessary information and is very didactic. It deserves great recognition of the International community of the AIKIDO.

Felicitaciones por su site, el cual considero que es uno de los mejores para las Artes Marciales, es una pagina integral tiene toda la información necesaria y es muy didáctica, se merecen un gran reconocimiento de la
comunidad Internacional del AIKIDO.

Angelo Rella

You have a great set up. Thank you

Jim Lavin


Its about time that someone made a constructive use out of the internet, proud to be a member.
Tony Vassar

Ciao Ms Cheryl!
I quite appreciated this excellent idea of a not-profit and volunteer organization that shows how much you love Aikido and all the devotion you put in it. So please if you could keep me updated about the work you are doing with your organization. I'm still downloading the clips of your website. You are simply unique!
Let's keep in touch, hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards!
I want to let you know that your web site is very helpful to me. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!
Jamie Barker
I really like your web site. Excellent Job. 
Great site. I periodically review your site and believe that is great for the Aikido fan.
Surfing on the web, I found the Aikido-world's web-site. It's really cute, original and shows your great professionality.
I am currently a taekwondo student interested in looking for a martial art to fill its voids. When I receive my black belt in a little while I will most definitely take Aikido in part thanks to you wonderful page. Thank you.

Viewpoint Question on Aikido Effectiveness:

4. The feeling of "ki" is no feeling at all. There are no attackers. Practice technique and this will come in time.
3. Streetfights? If you want to learn to fight then go to a football match. If you want to learn not to fight keep practicing Aikido. 
2. Make a circle. Outside of the leg is best. That way you don't have to "finish him off", just walk away.
1. It is very unlikely that anyone would be attacked by expert martial artists. If you are then run like hell! You must have really upset them.

These days we don't have to be an expert in another martial art to study aikido. But patience is required. Aikido is the most difficult martial art to learn and even more so to understand. It is demoralizing at times. But these are the best times to practice. Keep making circles! 

Tony Onyango
Aikido is a real great way to stay alive but. . its hard to learn need more time to learn  . .and until now it didn't make any use in any fight for my any way.

 Wessam Mohamed
Thank you so much for response and useful information.

My comment is: YOU'RE GREAT!!

J.Sergio Sartori

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .
Thank you for all your hard work 

Hello Cherylsan!
Merry Christmas from all of us to all of You!

The Hodges Family
Tony Onyango

Aikido is very effective in "real life" situations. I am a soldier in the US Army and have been practicing various hand to hand combat for over half my life. I have studied karate,
greco-roman wrestling, juijutsu, marine corps LINE techniques, army combatives, chin-na, and aikido. I have found that with practice and understanding, aikido is able to handle almost any situation. 

Best of all, you can handle them without seriously injuring your adversary. In today's lawsuit rich society, this is increasingly important.

Gregory Makuch

ViewPoint Question on Aikido Effectiveness:
In regards to your item 3.

Aikido techniques are more than adequate to handle multiple attacks on the street. A year or so ago my oldest daughter (17 yrs. old) got in a fight at one of our local teen clubs and she put 15 attackers down before the fight was broken up. How you train in Aikido determines how
you will react when confronted on the street.

Frank Ani

I enjoyed your web site. Good job !

Bob Bondy
ViewPoint Question on Aikido Effectiveness:

If you ask me if aikido is effective, I say yes!!
But knowing is not enough, you can wear a black belt but that doesn't always mean that one can win a fight against somebody with a yellow belt.

I saw one time a guy who had black belt lose a fight against a beginner!! Simply because the beginner had a bigger inner strength!! The black belt man punches very aggressive and the beginner just waited defensive, and kept his energy for the right moment, you see it's the knowing of
peace in you inner being, you can be skillful but inner strength and inner knowing is to me a very important thing.


I just wanted to thank you for the information about what is going on in the world of aikido and for letting the students of aikido know about the seminars that are going on here in
the states. 


Thank you very much for the newsletter subscription, which deserves to be recognized as the best site of Internet for the Martial Arts. Saludos and Felicitacione

Angelo Rella Conde

Thank you for technical tips ...

Gabriele Pisa Italy

Thank you for your e-mail info page. You are so kind to give of your time to do this.

Jim Lavin


In Response to the previous ViewPoint Question on bullies in the dojo:

Ego, attitude, and malicious/careless behavior have no place in Aikido. It is an art of love and peace. If the student is not willing to follow the rules of your dojo, then he has no place in your dojo. Personally I would use him as my uke for a little while to "soften him/her up." (That day
would be nikyo day or maybe even kokyu-nage day:) If his attitude is still unchanged, then give them the boot. 



I just wanted to say that I liked your site. Keep up the good work! 


Glad to found the aikido website. Expect to see more aikido action photo once again thanks very much



I just want to take the time to thank you for the newsletter, it is very informative. I am a long time aikidoka & enjoy all the positive & interesting topics you cover. 

Frank Quiroz


Thanks for having such a fabulous website on Aikido.
It looks like a lot of work!
Andy White


Your Web Page is very good, It is the best site I ever seen! 



Hi! I wanna say that I enjoy your journal very much. Good work folks!
Here in Romania we have a lot of good aikidoka. (We are afiliated at C.E.A.T).

Thank you again for your work.



Eight years ago, I became aware of Aikido at the age of 24. Five years ago I attended beginner classes in Atlanta, Georgia, for six months. A revolutionary change began in my life, but I allowed myself to be distracted from my
purpose of becoming a student of Aikido. Since then I have completed the reconstruction of an ankle and am becoming
physically stronger. I have begun a twelve step program for spiritual practice, and have enrolled in American Intercontinental University to become an IT professional. It is time to complete my desire to become a student of Aikido and I intend to begin practice as soon as I am financially able.

I am deeply grateful for the newsletter and eagerly review each new issue. Please accept my thanks for the quality and content of your publication. In the heart of the Southern United States it takes a conscious decision to seek balanced development of body, spirit, and mind. Your newsletter is a constant reminder to me of what I desire and a wonderful source of motivation to do what it takes to become more. Thank you and please continue the excellent work!

I congratulate you on the design of the newsletter as well.

The technical tips listing is outstanding, and so much more useful than the illustrated books to which I turn for resource. If you have suggestions for loosening and strengthening perhaps you might include these somehow? Sensei has commented that I should vigorously work to loosen my shoulders and wrists. I love the wrist exercises in #10, and am focusing on using them each day!

I wish you happiness and send you joy!
Jonny Williams

thanx for all the hard work and effort!
i must say that it is really appreciated ...
i hope u achieve all that u set out to do ( with a little rest and recreation on the side as well!).

please keep well and keep up the excellent work,

your friend


I want to thank you for your effort in preparing this journal. Is appropiate and informative. I really don't
know how you do it. Keep the good work...Myriam


thank you for all your hard work



Thank you very much for the news letter. I hope to hear more news
about upcoming seminars and events. So far I think that your doing a great
job! Keep up the great work!

Travis Hickey


As a beginner in Aïkido (only two lessons!) I'm a little confused with the Aïkido vocabulary. So thank you for the Aïkido World Web Site which gives me real help. Your technical tips are great and the news too. Congratulations and keep going !

Francis Delmee


I enjoyed your web page.

Gary M. Goldstein


Thank you for the recent newsletter.
Interesting and informative.

Jim Collins


It takes a lot of time to produce a good web site. To do this as well as providing a no-nonsense and well informed source of information deserves gratitude. Many thanks.

Brin McAllister


I have been training in Aikido for the past eight months. Your website is terrific and ooooooohhhhhh so helpful. I really like the technical tips. Thanks for your effort and time with producing this website.



Thank you for producing an interesting and very well done Web newsletter. One of the things I discovered about aikido dojos years ago is the "everybody's welcome" almost familyesque atmosphere. This came across immediately in AWJ. I look forward to the next one!



What a terrific site........thank you !



I recently read the article on Sensei Parker's involvement in a seminar in Canada. I just wanted to convey my appreciation to you and your staff for the short bio that you included in the article.

I recently returned to the United States after living in Japan for 5 years. As you can probably guess where this is going, Parker Sensei was my guiding force while he was still there. It warms me to no end to see him finally get some of the recognition that he so dually deserves by the Aikidoka in North America. The top Yudansha in North America know
who he is (at least they should!) and it is time for everyone else to find out!
Many thanks,



Magnificent article on " Using aikido as an effective coping mechanism".
Very inspiring stuff

Joe & Julia Cvetovac

I would first like to say that I enjoy your site very much; I am a beginner in Aikido, and I visit your site daily; the information there is very valuable. I have read several of your columns on Bushido and Honor, and they're great, but are you the writer? From a design and editorial standpoint, it would be nice to see at the end of the article the name of the writer, and if you wish to solicit feedback, then give
the name a "mailto" tag. So if you are the writer, allow me to reiterate my gratitude to the site and your words; they bring comfort to me.

Most sincerely,
Tom Carter
Decatur, GA

One of the best sites on the web.

Malcolm Knight


This website is great. In particular, the graphic demonstrations of technique help people who tend to forget things as soon as they step out of the dojo. Thanks a lot, and keep it up!

-Rob Jennings
Kure Beach Aikido

Kure Beach, NC

I just wanted to praise your site. Especially "Bushido and Budo talk" which i find very interesting.

The moral questions in Budo needs to be discussed more, thank you for bringing this up.

Best regards
Sensei Jerry Timerius (Combat Ju jutsu in Sweden)


I do not study Aikido, however I must say that this is probably the nicest and the best overall website that I have ever the (very) least for martial arts sites. Websites like these demonstrate a commitment to your art as well as "raising the bar" for others. This website is truly a credit to Aikido.

Pat Lant


This is a very fine site and a good place for us to get international information about Aikido and so much more...

Hans-Joachim Matusek - Aikido Dojo Dortmund


I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your excellent website. I enjoyed finding it and previewing all of the articles and other material you have posted on this site.

I hope as is well with you and your family. May you train hard and and please continuing to do such an excellent job on this site.

Donnie Gibbs


You're doing a nice, amazing piece of work.

Enmanuel Maura, 3rd kyu
Santo Domingo Aikikai

The newsletter is very informative and keeps me up-to-date on new issues and topics. Great job! Please keep me informed.

Greg Muniz

Greg, Thanks!


Hey there thanx for the tons of info and great AVI's !!!!
keep up the good work!

i hope that we are able to host an aikido international convention here in South Africa someday.

thanx for everything,
Zane Ramdas

Zane, I very much appreciate the positive feedback!


Thank you for information is very good to see your e-mail for me.

Artur - my pleasure and thank you for the nice response!


Thanks a lot for sending me these newsletters. I find them very informative specially your Technical Tips section.

Ramon Surara

Ramon, thank you for the kind words! It's very much appreciated.


I absolutely love the technical tips section of your web site. I can't wait until you get the chance to put up more video clips of Kokyonage techniques (Hint, hint :) ). So far this is my favorite technique (but I am still learning and may find another projections or immobilization that I become fascinated with). Keep up this noble work.

Thank you,
Sean Thomas (enthusiastic Aikidoist for 19 years).

Sean - Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and yes, I got the hint! I'll see if I can place more variations on Kokyunage on the web for you. Thanks again!


Greetings, from sunny Spain.
I started Aikido about 6 years again in Spain under the tutelage of Rodriguez Sensei, unfortunately I got transferred back to the states and could not continue on with my training. After a three absence I have come back to Spain and once again I am training again. Your newsletter
has been very informative and I look forward to your issues. Thank you for the hard work

M. Gallardo


I enjoyed the article concerning Honor and look forward to reading more.
Thank you!

Jack Heginbotham Jr.

Nice article you have was an additonal learnings. please keep on sending, greatly appreciate your contributions. Thank you.

String Fellowhake


I thoroughly enjoy your newletter and the articles in it.
It has given me must food for thought and enjoyment.



Just a short note to congratulate you on your effort and commitment. It is pleasing to see a non political medium
disemminating information on the Art

keep it up

Ken Matheson
Ryushido Martial Arts


Feedback from: Jack Fisher

I just spent the last hour checking out various parts of your web site. I must say I've enjoyed it very much. While I've studied Judo for the past seventeen years, I've always had admiration for Aikido. I find the similarities in both technique and philosophies of it's founders fascinating. And after reading your article in Budo Talk titled "Life and Death" I see that Aikido and Judo are having the same internal
debate as to "What did the founder want his art to become?" While Aikido's issue is one of Spirituality vs.Martial Art, Judo's issue is one of Sport vs. Martial Art.
Thank You for putting together a forum for open and Honest comment on the true study of Budo.

Jack Fisher

Thank you Jack. It's good to hear perspectives from a veteran of another martial art! Please feel free to share any more experiences with us.


Feedback from: Zane Ramdas

thankyou for the update
please keep sending me news....
i will visit the websites and lookout for those great pics


Zane, thank you for dropping us a note. Also thanks for the compliment.


Feedback from: Takedeshi

Great web site!! I just recently stumbled upon it and it
has everything I`ve expected an Aikido website to have. Keep up the great work! Thanks---Kokoro

Thank you!


Feedback from: Brian Vickery - Bugekikai Aikido

The site looks great, full of valuable info and links
pertinent to aikidoka of all styles.

Best regards,

Brian thank you for the feedback - much appreciated.


Feedback from: A. Bender

I recently starting taking a beginners Aikido class.
In the beginning of each class we go through several
stretching exercises in which we count to ten in

Would you know where I could obtain a copy of the
correct pronunciations of these characters and their
proper spelling?

Any help is appreciated.

Great web site!

Thank you,
A. Bender

Thank you for writing and the question. I have placed the Japanese counting scheme on our pages! I hope this helps.


Feedback from:  Mark Macenas and Family


Wanted to pass along support for your efforts w/ the AWJ. I have found it to be informative, and I really like some of the animated gifs. As relative newbies to Aikido, we applaud you.

My wife, daughter (7) and myself have been "training" for about a year in Aikido and have been having a great time...and now that we have figured out the forward roll to some extent it's also becoming much less painfull!!

Keep up the great work!

Mark, Jackie, and Jordan

Mark, Jackie, and Jordan - thanks to all three of you for your accolades. It does make us feel that our work does help others - which is part of our goal! Thank you again!


Feedback from: Ted Hanulak

My name is Ted Hanulak. I just recently came across your web page and I must compliment you. In a way I feel we are connected due to Aiki-do and Aiki-jutsu being brother
arts. I teach Aiki-jutsu for one purpose only, to teach compassion for all living things. I do this through Aiki-jutsu and Zazen (Zen meditation).Your web site is very informative and uplifting. I especially like the moving waza pictures. Please keep up the good work with your
web site.

Thank you,
Ted Hanulak
Aiki-Jutsu Academy and Zen Center

Ted, thank you so much for the compliment! And yes, the Daito-ryu is the parent of Aikido. Other Aikido styles are always welcome here!!! Thank you again.


Feedback from: Rebekah Hoare

HI, I have recently joined aikido in Perth, Western Australia, and think your sight has proved to be particularly motivating and helpful. I am alot more confident now that I have somewhere to look for the
terminology etc ...
thank you for such a wonderful sight.


Rebekah, thank you for being so thoughtful to take the time and let us know! It's very much appreciated!


Feedback from Robert Domres:

I'd just like to quickly say you've put together a really great website. I just started learning about Aikido in January and this is a really great resource to help improve my understanding of the art.

Thanks for all your hard work!!

Robert T. Domres

Thank you Robert for taking the time to convey your compliments ! We appreciate it very much. 



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