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Uke - Person being thrown
Nage / Tori - Person throwing

Shite - Person throwing

Thanks to Sam Combes and Stanley Pranin:
and Shite submitted by Sam Combes, of Aikido Yoshinkai of California, Anaheim

Stanley Pranin explained that the term shite used to describe the person that is throwing, is actually a pre-war expression used by O-Sensei. He cited Morihei Ueshiba's book "Budo" (1938). Before the war, Gozo Shioda was a student under Ueshiba - and this term is still preserved with Yoshinkan Aikido today.

Posture (shizentai gamae):

Migi gamae - right side
Hidari gamae - left side
Sankakutai - typical Aikido triangular stance
Ma-ai - Distance between the nage and uke.

Stances (Hammi):

Ai hammi - Both persons take migi gamae or hidari gamae at the same time
Gyaku hammi - reverse stance
Gedan - hand position low
Chudan - hand position medium
Jodan - hand position high


Shomenuchi - Frontal attack to top of head
Shomenu-tsuki - Frontal attack to eyes
Munetsuki - Frontal punch
Yomenuchi - Frontal-angular attack to side of head/neck
Katate-tori - Wrist grab
Kata-tori - Shoulder grab
Katate-tori hantai / Kosa-tori - cross hand grab
Kubi-shime - Choke hold
Katate-tori Ryote-mochi - Two hands grab one hand
Ryote-tori - Grab both wrists
Ryokata-tori - Grab both shoulders
Randori - Multiple man attack
Hanmi Handachi-waza - Nage in sitting position and uke standing
Suwari-waza - Nage and uke perform techniques on knees
Jiyu-waza - Free Style
Jo-tori - Staff taking
Tanto-tori - Knife taking
Kumi-jo - Paired jo kata practice
Kumi-tachi - Paired bokken practice
Taijutsu - Empty hand practice

Irimi - Direct entry
Tenkan - Indirect or outside entry. Body makes complete turn around attack.

Atemi - Hand strikes
Jiyu-waza - Free style
Jo - Staff
Suburi - Sword/ bokken practice
Shikko - Knee walking

Please excuse us, we are still currently under contruction.

Thank you.

uk2b.JPG (5549 bytes) Technical Help with Techniques, Exercises, Ukemi, etc.

Animated graphical illustrations, still pictures, written explanations aid in Aikido Training.

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Michio Hikitsuchi 10th Dan 1978
(C. Matrasko as uke)
1978 C. Matrasko

Submitted photos from all over the world.

Please note that the owners of photographs illutrated here have their own respected copyrights.

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